A new K-12 pathway.

At-home or in-person for ages 8+. The next cohort begins June 1, 2021.

"It's not tears and anxiety before school, it's not tears and sadness after school. It's pure joy now. I cannot tell you how priceless this is. I 100% recommend Dexter!"

Trista E.

"If remote learning is a struggle, keep looking for the right fit for your child. Dexter has been overwhelmingly positive!"

Kathy T.

"It's kindness, it is magic, it is education, it is change. This school and its staff have been one of the biggest gifts of our last four years."

Beatrix B.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dexter a full-time replacement for traditional schooling?

Yes, Dexter is a full replacement for traditional schooling. Students complete a mastery-based curriculum and have a transferable transcript.

What kind of student thrives at Dexter?

Dexter is for students that aren't reaching their full potential at their current school. If your child loves to read, write their own creative stories, plays Minecraft, programs their own video games, or paints on their own - they'll fit in at Dexter.

Is it in-person or online?

Students may either be online or in-person at our Wichita Falls, TX campus. We have students from over 15 US states and four countries.

Are there progress reports?

Yes! You have easy access and transparency into your child's academic progress.

Is Dexter year round?

Yes, students may learn year-round and pause at any time (i.e. during the summer). Most students maintain their membership year-round.

What ages?

We're accepting new students between the age of 8 to 14. We limit older students so they'll have time to complete our high school diploma requirements.

Where are your Dexter in-person campuses located?

Our current Dexter Campus is in Wichita Falls, TX with a ATX Campus set to open up Q4 2021.

Is Dexter self-paced?

Students have a baseline rate of progression through task deadlines but may also accelerate at a quicker pass as they master topics.

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