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Dexter is a private school rethinking how, where, and what students learn. Now accepting online or in-person students.

What parents are saying...

It's not tears and anxiety before school, it's not tears and sadness after school. It's pure joy now. I cannot tell you how priceless this is. I 100% recommend Dexter!
Trista E.
"If remote learning is a struggle, keep looking for the right fit for your child. Dexter has been overwhelmingly positive! "
Kathy T.
It's kindness, it is magic, it is education, it is change. This school and its staff have been one of the biggest gifts of our last four years.
Beatrix B.

Live Instruction

From famous Youtuber's to published Mathematicians, students receive live direct instruction from the world's best educators.

Regular Tutoring

Every student has a dedicated learning coach and receives regular tutoring through the Dexter platform.

Graded Assignments

Students receive multiple rounds of detailed feedback on all their assignments from our army of graders.

Personalized Schedule

Structure and accountability through a personalized daily course schedule.

22nd Century Curriculum

Students complete a core knowledge curriculum that includes English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Foreign Languages, and Computer Science.

College and Career Ready

Our high school graduation requirements align with the University of California and Texas System admissions requirements.

Social Network

Think Facebook for kids. Your child will make meaningful friendships with a global community of like-minded peers.

Campus Network

Dexter isn't just an online school. We're building a global network of physical campuses. Our first campus is now open in Texas.


Dexter is the most affordable private school on the planet. It's just $300 per month for online students and $550 per month for in-person students.

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Rockstar Educators

Students receive live instruction from the world's best teachers. Moderated chat, interactive quizzes, and student guest appearances make sessions fun and engaging. Check out a few of our rockstar educators!

Sunil Singh

Math, University of Toronto, B.Ed, Author of Pi of Life: The Hidden Happiness of Mathematics and Co-Author of Math Recess: Playful Learning for an Age of Digital Disruption

Jenny Ballif

Bachelor's in Crop Science and minor in Chemistry, Master's in Plant Science, Utah State University

Kennen Hutchison

Ph.D., Microbiology and Immunology, Northwestern University (pursuing), B.S. Microbiology, Western Illinois University

Athena Brensberger

YouTube personality, science host, and writer.

Civil Engineering, University of Washington, Founder of Hip Hop Science

Dr. Brian Lane

Ph.D. Physics, University of Florida, Creator of Let's Code Physics Youtube Channel.

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