Evidence-based Education

Dexter was founded in 2018 by a group of engineers that wanted to build a new K-12 education system based on scientific evidence and cognitive neuroscience.

Core Knowledge

A core knowledge curriculum that includes hands-on projects, knowledge-building practice, and creative tasks.

Mastery Learning

Students systematically develop mastery through assignments, projects, quizzes, and tests.

Direct Instruction

Live direct instruction from an instructor that's engaging, structured, and effective.
It's kindness, it is magic, it is education, it is change. This has been one of the biggest gifts of our last four years.
Beatrix B.

How Does Dexter Work?

An explicitly laid out core knowledge curriculum that emphasizes strong content knowledge in mathematics, science, social studies, reading, writing, computer science, art, and design.

Academic Plans
Students are first placed into a general academic plan based on their age. Students 12 years or younger begin the Elementary and Middle School program and students 13 years or older begin the High School program.

Diagnostics and Mastery
A diagnostic places students in the appropriate place in the instructional sequence. As students progress through the course they move into new instructional groups until they complete the course. Students then begin the next course as outlined in their academic plan.

Live Instruction
Each course has regular live instruction that is targeted and effective. On-campus students receive daily live instruction in a classroom and online students receive instruction via on-platform live streams.

Motivation and a strong cultural emphasis on the importance of academic progress are key components of our mastery academic model. New instruction levels, course completion, and general academic progress are valorized and celebrated above all else. True mastery combined with this positive cultural pressure helps our students develop a healthy self-concept of themselves as someone who succeeds and learns.

Year-round Schooling
Dexter is a year-round academic program that allows students to continuously make academic progress throughout the year. There is a set calendar of holidays when all campuses are closed and no live instruction or tutoring is provided.

Important Dates (2020 - 2021)

  • MLK Day, Jan. 18
  • Spring Break, March 15 - 19
  • Easter, April 4
  • Summer Break, May 28 - June 6
  • First day of Summer Session, June 7
  • Independence Day Break, July 2 - 5
  • Fall Break, August 16 - 20
  • First day of Fall Session, August 23
  • Labor Day, Sept. 6
  • Thanksgiving Break, Nov. 22 - 26
  • Winter Break, Dec. 20 - Jan. 2
  • First day of Spring Session, Jan. 3

A Global Community

Dexter is a global school system with students in four countries and sixteen US states.

Core Curriculum

An explicitly defined curriculum that details specific content knowledge, books, and learning objectives must be the starting point for all schools. Click below to view what your child will be learning at Dexter.


Is Dexter a supplement or complete replacement?

Dexter is a complete replacement for K-12 schooling that includes all of the core academic requirements to reach college readiness. It may also be used as a supplement or a fully homeschooling program.

What ages is Dexter for?

Dexter is designed for ages 8+. Younger students will need additional support and time to complete the sequence.

Is Dexter year-round?

Yes, Dexter takes place throughout the calendar year. Campuses observe federal holidays.

Will my child make friends?

Yes! Your child will make real friendships with kids from around the world through our safe and moderated social network.

Is Dexter safe?

Yes! A culture of kindness and positivity means that every student feels safe and supported throughout their academic career.

Is Dexter accredited?

Dexter is a Candidate for Accreditation with NCA CASI, NWAC and SACS CASI.

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