Dexter Raises $1.4 Million to Build the School of the Future

Dexter Raises $1.4 Million to Build the School of the Future

We're thrilled to announce that we've closed a $1.4 million seed round led by LAUNCH, NewFund, BluePoint VC, and angel investors across the country. This funding will allow us to supercharge our mission to make the world more intelligent and empower K-12 students with powerful ideas in engineering, science, art, humanities, and entrepreneurship. Dexter bundles live instruction, a core knowledge curriculum, hands-on tasks, and physical spaces in a way that's radically accessible both financially and geographically. We are the Model T of private education.

The transition from horse-drawn carriages to automobiles transformed our nation. It gave individuals unprecedented agency to travel to previously inaccessible places in a safe and reliable way. The Model T redefined transportation for an entire nation. Our goal is for Dexter to do the same for education; not just by building the technical system underlying it, but by redefining what it means to be an educated citizen in the modern age. We want to expand our collective definition of literacy.

How Dexter Works

At Dexter, students receive live direct instruction from world-class educators, such as Dr. Sian Proctor or Athena Brensberger, through the Dexter online platform. These live sessions are supplemented by small group tutoring and mentoring sessions led by Dexter learning coaches, who follow a formalized core knowledge curriculum that's aligned with academic standards. Students then complete tasks and assignments that are graded by a team of Dexter graders.

This software enabled specialization significantly reduces cost and improves quality assurance. The remote learning experience is augmented by a network of physical campuses that provide students access to mentors, equipment such as 3D Printers, and a safe place to socialize with peers.

Educational Pluralism

There are approximately 56 million K-12 students in the United States and over 90% of them attend district schools. We take this quasi-monopoly as a given, but educational pluralism is the norm in other democratic nations. Countries such as Sweden allow per-capita funding to follow children to non-state schools. Most democratic nations have a healthy balance of state schools, private schools, and charter schools. Public education is a system where the state funds and regulates schooling, but does not necessarily operate schools. We see this pluralistic model of education as inevitable in the United States. In many ways, it already exists to families who can afford it.

Our Future

We currently have 75 full-time students attending Dexter, as well as thousands more across the world accessing our free live instruction. Our goal is to power 10% of the American student population by 2030. We aim to unite the world's youth through a shared mental framework and an optimism for a technological future where we focus on solving the grand challenges of society.

We're now accepting fully remote or in-person students at our Wichita Falls, TX campus. We encourage you to apply today!