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Our Story

Dexter was founded in 2017 by a group of scientists, engineers, and educators on a mission to inspire a generation of artists, scientists, and engineers. The school began as a supplemental and after school program focused on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) by offering free workshops and programs to local students. The program grew from these free workshops to stand-alone courses and a partnership with the local school district. A small campus was acquired in 2018 and served as a proof of concept for a more comprehensive education program.

Dexter continued to develop curriculum, staff, technical infrastructure, and organizational structure in preparation for the launch of the full-time Dexter School in August of 2019. A cohort of 26 students joined the program and engaged in a full-time education that included a strong focus on core knowledge, project-based learning, small group tutoring, and direct instruction led by practitioners. A diverse group of students joined that included private, public, and homeschooled students. An emphasis placed on social and emotional learning led to a strong culture that has formed the bedrock for future students.

In the Spring of 2020, the student body was doubled and additional staff brought on. An emphasis on process and measurable academic excellence took center stage with a larger student population.

Due to COVID-19 school closures, Dexter School transitioned to at-home learning using its robust software infrastructure. We also developed a live streaming platform to deliver live interactive instruction to our students. This resource was opened up to the rest of the world and has received over 10,000 unique visitors throughout the school closures. Additionally, Dexter School began accepting remote students from across the United States for our Summer 2020 term.

In preparation for returning to in-person learning, a new campus was acquired to allow for additional expansion and growth. From an Oxford-style library to a fenced outdoor play area, the new 31,000 square-foot campus will serve as a beacon for education, community development, and intellectual growth. The new campus opened in August of 2020.

Our Purpose

We believe that education is the great equalizing force for social justice and the key to a healthy society. Our purpose is to provide a transformative education to a diverse group of students that will empower them to actively participate in society at large. We also seek to exemplify and promote project and inquiry-based learning as well as core knowledge principles. We also seek to disrupt the traditional geographic constraints of education by allowing students to interact and learn from students, teachers, and professionals beyond their physical community.

Our Mission

Dexter’s mission is to develop students with core foundational knowledge in the humanities and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and the creative confidence to become compassionate artists, engineers, and scientists who will help to advance human knowledge and engage with the most challenging problems of the future. To radically increase access to innovative educational content and practices. We seek to disrupt how, when, where, and what students learn.

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